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Huntington Beach, California
United States



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I remember writing stories in binders full of loose leaf paper in elementary school. I’m not sure why I didn’t just use a notebook, but as a pre-teen it must have made me feel more professional.

My love affair with words didn’t stop with fiction, but graduated to poetry, research, journalism, nonfiction, and editorials. Words connect people to emotions. Words illustrate experiences and stories, empowering messages. Words are an endless possibility...

Which is why I adore this job. I love helping others find their voice through words, through writing. Everyone has a story to tell. Every brand has a distinctive identity. One of my favorite components of copywriting is hearing what’s important to you (or your company) and crafting YOUR message.

In college I enrolled in every writing class available—yes, even the ones that weren’t required (nerd alert). After graduating with a Public Relations degree and a minor in Media Art/Photography from Westminster College in Pennsylvania, I worked to obtain my copy editing certificate from the Poynter Institute of Journalism.

In 2012 I began my passion project She Has Worth, an online organization and resource designed to help young women embrace their identities.

I’m a huge fan of traveling (I know, who isn’t). I’m originally an Ohioan who now lives in sunny and traffic-riddled Southern California. I can frequently be found drinking copious amounts of coffee, making new friends and bad jokes, hiking, and nerding out over really nerdy things (like new books). I’d love to get to know you better, so feel free to email me with questions or just to say hi!